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Medical & Fashion Wigs

Wigs in many color, style and lenth options

Medical and Fashion wigs are designed for those experiencing hair loss due to medical treatments, while fashion wigs serve as a stylish accessory. Both require proper maintenance and care. Advances in wig technology have made it easier to find a comfortable, secure, and natural-looking wig to suit individual needs and preferences.

Wig Care and Services

Wig maintenance essentials and wash, cut and style services.

Wigs require proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and storage on a mannequin head or wig stand. Wig care services are available to help with cleaning, repairs, and customization. Proper care ensures your wig looks and feels natural, maintaining your confidence and appearance.

Wig Accessories and Beauty Products

Extensions, ponytails, topper, head wear, and beauty supplies.

Wigs are a popular hair solution for many people, whether for medical or fashion purposes. In addition to the wig itself, there are a variety of wig accessories and beauty products available to enhance the wig-wearing experience.

One common wig accessory is the wig cap, which helps to keep the wig securely in place while providing a barrier between the wig and scalp. Wig caps are available in various materials, including nylon, cotton, and bamboo, and can also be used to protect natural hair underneath the wig.

Another popular accessory is the wig grip, which is a band that fits snugly around the head to keep the wig from slipping. Wig grips can be made from silicone or velvet, and some even come with a built-in wig cap for added comfort and security.

In addition to wig accessories, there are also beauty products specifically designed for wig wearers. Wig shampoos and conditioners are formulated to cleanse and hydrate both natural and synthetic fibers, helping to maintain the wig's appearance and extend its lifespan.

Styling products such as wig hairspray and wig mousse can also be used to add volume and hold to the wig's style, while wig brushes and combs can help to detangle and smooth the fibers.

In conclusion, wig accessories and beauty products can help enhance the wig-wearing experience by providing added comfort, security, and maintenance. Whether you're wearing a wig for medical or fashion purposes, these products can help to ensure that your wig looks and feels its best.

FEATURED SALONS: William Collier Design

In the hair replacement industry experience is everything! William Collier is a Seattle icon in the hair design community, as he has been cutting and designing hair for 50+years; providing hair replacement in Seattle for over 35 years.

The William Collier Design team consists of hair replacement consultants, hair designers, hair replacement technicians, and a salon manager with a combination of over 100 years of experience!

William Collier Design specializes in hair replacement options, to include custom designs of partial hair pieces or full head wigs, giving our clients the benefit of choosing all aspects of the design including custom coloring and cutting. In addition, this Washington State staple offers pre-made human hair and synthetic wigs, top of the head hair additions, clip-in extensions and specialty cutting for thinning hair.

William Collier Design provides educated choices for men, women and children requiring hair replacement for any reason, such as all forms of alopecia, male and female pattern hair loss, chemotherapy, burns and abrasions of the scalp, trichotillomania as well as religious and cultural beliefs. William Collier Design is a transgender friendly salon.

Medical & Fashion Wigs

Wig Care and Services

Accessories & Beauty Products

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